Comic Reccomendations: My all time favorites

Hey guys, I am not posting as much as I told myself I would, so I’m trying to remedy that. This is going to be the first in a (hopeful) series where I talk about my favorite comics, just as a way to to get myself to write. So basically motivating myself to write by letting myself scream into the void about my opinions.

So, here are some of my all-time favorite comics, in no particular order.

(No means complete because I’m lazy lmfao and maybe it’ll be updated but maybe not let’s be real.)

Death of Oracle

  • Birds of Prey: Death of Oracle
    • One of the first comics I ever read, and to this day, one of my favorites. I adore the Birds of Prey, I adore Oracle, and I adore Gail Simone. It’s a fantastic story, filled with wonderful Birds of Prey interactions (the girls visit a strip club!) and some wonderful cameos. Do you have a favorite DC superhero? They’re probably in this book, even if just for a panel.

Court of Owls

  • Batman: The Court of Owls
    • I have no shortage of good things to say about this book. The art is fantastic, the story is captivating, and the exploration into Gotham pre-Batman is so so overdue. Once I picked it up, I didn’t stop thinking about it for weeks after I finished. It’s super compelling and interesting, especially if you care about the world these books are set in! (Also, Gotham fans may enjoy learning more about where this subplot is coming from.)

Hawkeye MLAAW

  • Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon
    • THIS IS SUCH A GOOD BOOK!!! Matt Fraction is by far my favorite Hawkeye (Clint) writer. He gives us an incredibly relatable, humanized Clint, that the Avengers movies are sorely lacking. Javier Pulido’s purple washed art is a blessing and I love it so much. Also, Kate Bishop.


  • Batgirl/Robin: Year One
    • (Imagine me punching the air repeatedly as I say this) I. LOVE. BARBARA. GORDON. So much. I love her so much. Also, prime Dick and Babs action here. Follows the original Batgirl and Robin in the days before everything bad happened, before the Joker, and Bludhaven. It has one of Dick’s first solo missions, against the Mad Hatter, and has Barbara’s journey right from the start, including her time as a librarian and rejected FBI application. I love this book so much I don’t even know how to say it. It’s also where I got this blog name/title, so…

Spider-Man Blue

  • Spider-Man: Blue
    • Once again, I love Gwen Stacy, and this is a must read for Gwen fans. More specifically, fans of Gwen and Peter’s relationship in the older comics (and why wouldn’t you be?) The story is narrated by Peter on Valentine’s Day years after Gwen’s death, looking back at their relationship, and how much he loved her. It’s intense and beautiful and heartbreaking and good.

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