William Loves Arlene

William Loves Arlene

Oct 21, 1991

William loves Arlene.

He carved it into a seat on the B train,

26 years ago.

He used his keys,

Or the tiny knife she keeps in her bag.

Were they seventeen, like me?

Were they trying to leave their mark on this city, like me?

Where are they now?

Do they have kids together?

Did it end, and is this a remnant of two people who don’t think of each other anymore?

Or do they think of each other everyday?

Who walked away first,

And who looked back?


Thank You For Not Loving Me Back

Thank You For Not

The words echo,

A chorus of your own voice.

I love you and nothing else.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

And then silence.

It looks,

The darkness attempting to spell out everything unsaid.

I love you too.

But it doesn’t come.

And it’s easier,

After a moment,

To stop crying into the void.

And it’s easier,

After a moment,

To leave.